Organizing TEAM

We are a team of entrepreneurial thinkers and doers in Puerto Rico committed to creating an innovation-based culture in all fields.

After following other TEDx events in hundreds of cities worldwide, we decided that Puerto Rico was up next. Not only does it deserve to have the opportunity to host such an event, but, more importantly, we know that there is a strong, creative, and committed community of Puerto Ricans who are executing innovative ideas that are having an impact in many parts of the world.

So, with that in mind, we set out to create our first TEDxSanJuan event.

As speakers, we strive to have some of the most innovative and impacting Puerto Ricans and friends of Puerto Rico in the world.

As attendees, we strive to gather some of the most curious and active doers in Puerto Rico.

We're honored to be part of the TEDx community, and hope to unearth Puerto Ricans who have ideas worth spreading.

Jorge Ramphis Castro, Iván Ríos, José Padilla, Marcos Polanco, Arelys Rosado, and Héctor Ramos.

Jorge Ramphis Castro

Ramphis is the Chief Curator and Ideas Wrangler for TEDxSanJuan. Ramphis is a technology entrepreneur and the quintessential eternal optimist. Always on the lookout for extraordinary people, he believes in the power of ideas to bring great people together. Startups are his life, and his mission is to help all types of entrepreneurs succeed in making the world a better place.

Ivan Rios Mena

Startup and general corporate lawyer, thinker and speaker on startup and alternative dispute resolution issues, Attendee Curator of TEDxSanJuan, President of the Corporate Law Commission of the Puerto Rico Bar Association, founder of startup law firm Ivan Legal LLC. Helps startups, micro, small, and medium businesses develop incorporation, intellectual property, and general corporate strategies.

José Padilla

He is the Venue Logistics Coordinator for TEDxSanJuan. He is a believer in knowledge sharing and dedicated to bringing together a strong community, evangelizing the importance of entrepreneurship and startups in Puerto Rico through events like Barcamp San Juan and Startup Weekend Puerto Rico. Junior student in Computer Science in the Bayamón campus of University of Puerto Rico. Web developer, entrepreneur, maker of awesome stuff, and co-founder of Blimp.

Marcos Polanco

He is the Speaker Coordinator for TEDxSanJuan. A Standford-trained engineer, serial entrepreneur, and technologist who returned to Puerto Rico after experiencing the startup life in Silicon Valley to share his experience with aspiring local technopreneurs. Through one of his ventures, Clearshore, he aims to help entrepreneurs around the world build world-changing companies in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Arelys Rosado

Arelys Rosado is the Direction & Production Coordinator for TEDxSanJuan. She's a raging tree hugger, community self-development activist, and avid fighter against injustice, having both environmental sciences and law degrees. Her true passion lies in the arts, training amongst other passionate individuals at the Conservatory for Dramatic Arts of the Puertorrican Atheneum and exploring ways to effect social change through the combination of art, science, and law.

Héctor Ramos

Héctor Ramos is the Marketing Guru for TEDxSanJuan. Héctor builds iPhone and web applications at Polsense, a startup based in Puerto Rico. Entrepreneur interested in kickstarting the startup culture in Puerto Rico.

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